Scope Research and Consulting offers a suite of cost effective search services to help companies make smarter and more strategic sourcing decisions.

Sourcing Strategy

Every successful hire starts with a well thought out sourcing strategy. This includes a thorough understanding of your competitors, target companies, locations of candidate pools as well as public indicators of possible candidate success. Scope Research and Consulting offers sourcing strategy consultation sessions tailored to your talent acquisition needs starting at rates as low as $150/hr.

Candidate Sourcing

If you already have a sourcing strategy in mind and would like to partner with Scope Research and Consulting on a winning execution, this is the right option for you. You can benefit from our retained services that would guarantee you a pipeline of qualified candidates over a mutually accepted timeframe. This would be a close partnership until your sourcing needs have been met. Retained services and fees apply to senior level positions and start as low as 10% of the yearly compensation of the position, with half of the amount due upfront and the other half after the position has been filled.


Do any of these offering appeal to your current needs? Contact us for more details at or + 1 (876) 354 4665.