Scope Research and Consulting offers HR technology products and services to Recruiters, Researchers and other search professionals. The mission is to help clients find talent in the most cost effective ways possible by improving their productivity at each stage of the recruiting cycle. As a result, there is a strong empasis on a technology based approach to sourcing, specifically through the development of Boolean search, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled products.


Job platforms come and go in the industry with the difficulty of finding talent varying in response. The mission of Scope Research and Consulting is to develop tools and strategies that transend candidate platforms and enable search professionals to remain productive by efficiently scouring the open web for talent.


Scope Research and Consulting was Founded by Wrenford Thaffe, to embody a nimble, artistic and scientific approach to search. The products being developed addresses specific stages of the search cycle, including industry research, company mapping and candidate sourcing. Scope Research and Consulting is registered in Jamaica, but has clients from all continents and cities from Bengaluru to Boston.