The Boolean String Bank is a marketplace for search professionals where a Boolean String is the prime currency for knowledge exchange.


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    How To Use The Boolean String Bank

    The Boolean String Bank can serve as a launch pad for a new search. Users benefit from the collective wisdom of other search professionals in developing effective strategy and execution.

    Benefits include:

    • Access to pre-built and executable Boolean Strings
    • Search keyword suggestions
    • General search tips and strategies
    • Job posting feature that allows members to save or earn money

    How To Get Started

    Boolean String Bank registration is free. Once registered, users can browse and add Boolean strings to the collection. Users earn 1 token for each approved string submitted or can purchase additional tokens to explore other functionalities on the platform.

    Proper use of the platform is governed by the Terms of Service while Scope Research pledges to honor the integrity of user information and privacy as detailed in the Privacy Policy.

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    What is a Boolean String?

    A Boolean string is a logical combination of keywords and boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT etc.). In the context of a search, they are used to:

    • Summarize and simplify search criteria
    • Assemble and prioritize search parameters to be executed by a search engine

    It is important to note that a Boolean string is not a search directive but rather an example of a search approach - it represents a guide on how to both choose and structure keywords to achieve the best results from a search platform.

    Sample Boolean String


    General string for finding lead Internal Audit executives on LinkedIn using an X-ray search technique.

    Boolean String:

    ("Chief Audit Executive" OR CAE OR SVP OR VP OR "Vice President" OR Director OR Manager OR Head) ("Internal Audit" OR "Internal Controls")

    About Scope Research and Consulting

    The Boolean String Bank is a product of Scope Research and Consulting, a small search practice that offers industry relevant tools and strategies. Other products include:

    • BOOL - Boolean string builder chrome extension
    • Boolio - Boolean search platform
    • Yenobe - URL bookmark chrome extension


    For questions related to the Boolean String Bank and other products, contact SRC at