Description String Industry
all account managers in the Monroe mi area with a degree and engineer "account manager" bachelors (engineer OR engineering) "Monroe, mi" Automotive
Broad string for finding Java developers on LinkedIn with no seniority or location specified (Java OR J2ee OR Jee) (Developer OR Development OR Engineer OR Architect OR Technologist OR Engineering) Internet
Find Python Developers (Courtesy of Talentsonar) (programmer OR developer OR engineer OR sde) AND python AND (django OR flask OR pyramid OR bottle) AND (virtualenv OR chef OR puppet OR sentry OR raven OR implement OR deploy OR design) Internet
This string is for Microstrategy Developer Can be utilize in job boards like Dice and Monster (microstrateg* OR "microstrategy developer" OR "microstrategy engineer") OR ("BI reports" OR "dashboards" OR cubes) AND ("SQL Server") AND ("command Manager" OR "Object Manager" OR "System Manager" OR "Integrity Manager" OR "Enterprise Manager" OR "I-server" OR "Web Server" OR "visual Insight") Staffing & Recruiting
industrial engineer in detroit mi area (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) ("industrial engineer" OR "LAUNCH ENGINEER") (AUTOCAD OR PFMEA) detroit, mi Automotive
UK linkedin, London based, with some sort of German language proficiency "german * * proficiency" AND "london, united kingdom" AND mechanical engineer Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
This is a Boolean string used to search Manufacturing Engineers on Linkedin. This also incorporates the field operators in the string ("manufacturing engineer" OR "manufacturing engineering") AND ((title:"manufacturing engineer") NOT(title:"head" OR title:"manager")) Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing engineering (supervisor OR manager OR director) (aerospace OR defense) -inurl:topic -inurl:jobs -intitle:profiles engineering (supervisor OR manager OR director) (aerospace OR defense) -inurl:topic -inurl:jobs -intitle:profiles Aviation & Aerospace
Node.Js developer in Paris ("node.js" OR "nodejs" OR "node") AND (developer OR engineer OR developpeur) AND "Ile-de-France" OR 75000..75999 OR paris AND inurl:cv OR inurl:bio* OR inurl:resume Not (inurl:offre* OR inurl:job OR inurl:emploi inurl:freelance OR inurl:enligne OR inurl:jobprod) NOT freelance Program Development
Drupal Expert / Webmaster (“web developer” OR developer OR programmer OR engineer OR “web master” OR webmaster) AND drupal AND “google analytics” AND (“seo” OR websites OR microsites OR “landing pages” OR “cms” OR “crm” OR “relational database” OR “api” OR “ui” OR “ux” OR “social media” OR paradot OR requirements) Internet