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Physicians | -dir (physician | emergency | "family medicine" | "critical care"| medicine) (doctor OR MD OR DO OR PA) Hospital & Health Care
nursing (LPN) program accreditation list filetype:docx (intitle:graduate OR inurl:graduate OR intitle:member OR inurl:member OR intitle:registrants OR inurl:registrants OR intitle:profiles OR inurl:profiles) ("licensed practical nurse" OR LPN) "American Nurses Association" -jobs -job Hospital & Health Care
String for doctors specializing in emergency medicine AND inurl:pub “emergency medicine” Hospital & Health Care
Doctors specialized in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery AND inurl:pub ("oral & maxillofacial" OR maxillofacial OR jaw OR face OR omses OR facial) (md OR doctor OR "m.d." OR physician) Hospital & Health Care
LPN (LPN OR "L.P.N." OR "Licensed Practical Nurse") Hospital & Health Care
Find obstetrics in Luxembourg inurl:(dr AND lu) AND obstetric* Hospital & Health Care
Searching for employed LPNs off of college sites site:edu ("licensed practical nurse" OR lpn) alumni ("she is" OR "he is") Hospital & Health Care
RNs what work for Group Health ""("registered nurse" OR rn) -job -jobs Hospital & Health Care
Pharmacist search site Doximity specific location (pharmd OR pharmacist OR “Pharmacy Manager” OR “RPH”) AND (Augusta, GA) -"medical center" Hospital & Health Care
Nurses (directories, attendee lists, and etc) (intitle:"first_name" OR intitle:"last_name" OR intitle:first OR intitle:last OR intitle:"first name" OR intitle:"last name") AND (nurse OR nurses OR rn OR "r.n." OR "registered nurse" OR lpn) AND (registrant OR attendee OR attendees OR directory) AND ("" OR "" OR "" OR "" OR "" OR "") -church Hospital & Health Care