Description String Industry
Architect (“Solutions architect” OR “Chief Architect” OR “Chief Engineer” OR “Data Architect” OR “Principal Architect” OR “Principle Engineer” OR “information Architect”) AND (Integration OR Design* OR Solution* OR Configuration) AND PMP AND ITIL AND (Cloud OR Mail OR Servicedesk OR "Service desk" OR Helpdesk OR "Help desk" OR Mobility) AND (DODAF OR AESM OR Framework) Defense & Space
Information Assurance (RMF OR “Risk Management”) AND (“Information Assurance” OR “Information Security” OR “C&A” OR “A&A” OR “C & A” OR “A & A” OR Accreditation) AND (Security OR CoOP* OR SCA OR NIST OR SSP* OR “security Control*” OR Assessment) AND (CISSP OR CISM OR CISA OR CAP OR ISACA OR ISC) Defense & Space
sharepoint developer "CI Polygraph" AND "Sharepoint Developer" AND "Infopath" Defense & Space
Systems Engineer ("system engineer" | "system administrator") AND ("windows server" AND "redhat") AND ("systems engineering" | "vmware esx" | "autocad") Defense & Space